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Digital transformation and consumer behavior change patent are key driving factors influencing the companies products and processes. Markets are transforming to subscription-based models.

RK Informatics helps customers around the world to transform customer experience and create new monetization opportunities through subscription models by leveraging on leading technology platforms.

The key to this is BRIM-billing and revenue innovation management.

The advantages speak for themselves:

  • Easy introduction of New products and Pricing Models
  • Integration of front end CPQ
  • Order management
  • Integration and handling of service and recurring billing with external systems
  • Integration to sales order management (sales and delivery included)
  • Integration to the subscription billing partner
  • Settlement/revenue sharing models
  • Sub ledger accounting
  • Open item management
  • Adaptive to multiple payment channels
  • Customer-focused billing and accounting models
  • Revenue Accounting and reporting
  • Customer-focused report generation
  • Suitable to most industries ranging from ticketing and telecom to Hitech, banking, and automobile industries.

Why RK Informatics?

RK Informatics specializes in providing consulting and strategic services in area of BRIM for our clients globally.

We combine industry best practices and technology to the best use to suit the business models of customers.

Our consultants have extensive experience in the area of BRIM. The company has delivered stable and feasible models to clients in many industries like

  • Airline ticketing
  • Hitech industry
  • Retail
  • Telecom
  • Shipping
  • Banking
  • Road rail ticketing

With RK Informatics, you will never have to worry about missing out on trend-related market opportunities or having to postpone a new product launch because your back-end systems cannot keep up.

The experienced international consultants of RK Informatics will guide you through the process of transitioning to SAP BRIM solution so that you can reduce time to market for new products, improve customer experience, send clearer, better invoices and bring a range of other functional changes.

We supply customer support 24/7.

Also, reach out to us for knowing more about how the minimum viable product can be delivered in a span of 100 days. We have delivered this model to many clients and have had success in all of the projects. You will realize you have a cost-saving up to 50% once you get to know our project plan.

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